Our fireworks experience day is a real blast! If you’ve always loved fireworks and want to get your hands on the big whizz-bangs you see on Bonfire Night, our Fireworks Experience Day will blow you away! Our exclusive course is the ultimate fireworks experience.

Have a look at the video above to get a taste of what’s involved.

You’ll come along to our Rocket Park HQ near Luton and spend the morning in our classroom learning all about the history and chemistry of fireworks. After lunch we’ll take you to our firing site where you will help to set up a professionally organised display under the supervision of one of our most experienced senior pyrotechnicians.

Later in the day you’ll be able to join in lighting the fuses that detonate the display.

If you’ve never been that close to a fireworks display we’ll give you a ringside seat where you can enjoy the crashes, bangs and starbursts in all their glory.

Our 2024 Fireworks Experience Day will take place on Saturday September 7th from 9.30am until 6pm.

The cost is £245 inclusive of lunch, refreshments, fireworks display and a goody bag of mementoes of your day.

To book please email paula@5nov.com.