Never mind the snow, the show goes on!

Our firework trainees are a hardy bunch!The weather was atrocious, minus 2 and snow everywhere, but it didn’t stop our latest class of trainee pyrotechnicians being put through¬†their paces at our March course. It’s not the sort of weather you would normally come across, even in the peak November season, but as an example of the more extreme conditions that professional pyrotechnicians can encounter it was hard to beat. Under instruction from our course leaders Steve Boothman and Tom Clark our hardy and intrepid trainees spent a weekend learning how to fuse and fire. ‘We’ve come all the way from Wales and we were really pleased you didn’t cancel,’ said Mike, who runs his own fireworks business.¬†‘Steve’s classroom lectures have taught me a lot I didn’t know and although conditions made it very hard to do all the practicals Tom did a great job in getting us all out there.’