The Firework Training SchoolFantastic Fireworks established the first Firework Training School in Britain and today we continue to be leaders in firework training.

Our passion for fireworks runs deep and we care about keeping every firework-lover safe. With our own purpose built training facilities at Fantastic Fireworks HQ, which are widely acknowledged as being the best in the industry, we keep at the forefront of fireworks training in the UK.

We cater for everyone from those just wanting an experience day, beginners and those keen to improve their skills with Category 3 (retail) material, right through to offering the industry-recognised BPA Firer training course and exam which are designed for anyone with an interest in firing displays at a professional level.

In order to take the BPA course and sit its exam candidates must have attended a minimum of three training displays either with Fantastic Fireworks or with another company. We are happy to accept training logs from both UK and overseas firework companies.  After successfully completing the course and passing the exam your training certificate will be recognised by any UK fireworks company and many abroad.

Successful trainees may be invited to join Fantastic Fireworks’ pool of qualified pyrotechnicians who we call upon to fire our displays around the country (and sometimes further afield) throughout the year. However demand is highly seasonal and taking the BPA course is no guarantee of future work.

Please note that taking the BPA course, or any other course, does not entitle you to buy professional (Cat 4) fireworks. To do this you must have a licensed explosives store and at least £1 million public liability insurance.

Whatever your needs if you are looking for first class firework training call our team on 01582 485555 to find out more. Alternatively please email